Thursday, 15 July 2010


Yemen in a nutshell
* "It’s not just Al-Qaeda. Water shortages, collapsing oil supplies, war, refugees, pirates, poverty—why Yemen is failing."

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Svalbard Act

Svalbard Act (Wikipedia)
* "The Svalbard Act of 17 June 1925, made Svalbard officially part of Norway. Norwegian civil, penal, execution and court procedural law was given application on Svalbard. Other statutory provisions, such as administrative law are not given effect for Svalbard unless expressly specified. The act also specifies the organization of the Svalbard administration as well as ownership over land on the archipelago. The act did not specify a particular date for entering into force, which was left to the King to decide. It was decided on 7 August 1925 that the act should enter into force when Norway officially took control of Svalbard, which was 14 August 1925."

Spitsbergen Treaty

Spitsbergen Treaty (Wikipedia)
* "Svalbard began as a territory free of a nation, with multiple people from different countries participating in industries including fishing, whaling, mining, tourism, and research. Having no nation left Svalbard largely free of any regulations or laws, though there were conflicts over the area due to whaling rights and issues of sovereignty between The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Denmark-Norway in the first half of the seventeenth century. However, by the twentieth century mine deposits were found in Svalbard and continual conflicts between miners and owners created a need for a government. By 9 February 1920 the Spitsbergen Treaty was signed in Paris during the Versailles negotiations after World War I. In this treaty, international diplomacy recognized Norwegian sovereignty (the Norwegian administration went in effect by 1925) as well as other principles relating to Svalbard."